1.1. Belarus Agricultural Library (the Library) is a research organization in the field of library science, bibliography and information science, a national information center for agricultural science. The information provided by the Library is one of the most important strategic resources for the development of economy, policy, science, production, business, education, culture and spirituality. Information resources of the Library are the national heritage and protected by the State.

1.2.The rules of Belarus Agricultural Library (the Rules) are developed in accordance with Laws of the Republic of Belarus in the field of library science and the Library Charter.

1.3. The Rules govern the relationship between the Library and its users in the process of providing library, information, reference and bibliographic services, as well as the registration, the rights and obligations of parties.

1.4. Any citizen or organization has the right to become a user of the Library regardless of professional and social status, organizational affiliation and location. To work at the Library you need to register as a personal user.

1.5.The Library provides the library, information, reference and bibliographic services to users when they visit the Library, as well as remote access services.

1.6.The Library provides the library and information services, connected with the access to national and international information resources about the issues of agriculture and related industries to individuals and legal entities in accordance with the List.

1.7.The Library is open from Monday to Friday from 9.00 a.m. to 7.00 p.m. During pre-holiday days and summer time the Library is open till 6:00 p.m. During public holidays and holidays which are compulsory rest days the Library isn’t open. The last Friday of each month is a cleaning day at the Library. Users are not served on cleaning days.

1.8. The website of the Library ( is available 24 hours a day. A user can ask a question and request the information on the website of the Library with the help of the services “Ask us a question” and “Electronic document delivery”, e-mail :   during working hours:  +375 17 379 55 61.



2.1. User registration is free of charge.

2.2. In order to register as a library user you must:
- come to library;
- produce a valid personal identification document with the photograph;
- provide the necessary information;
- take a photo for an electronic form;
- read the Rules;
- fill in the library ticket.

2.3.In case of loss of a user ticket you are to pay for the duplicate. The registration of legal entities is carried out in accordance with “Contract for the provision of fee-based library and information services”, regulating library and information service provision.



3.1. You are entitled to use library services when the Library is open.

3.2. You are entitled to have free access to national and international library resources on agriculture and related industries, which can be found on Library computers.

3.3. You are entitled to receive help from library staff concerning information in the electronic catalogue, databases, Open Collection of the Library, Internet resources.

3.4. You may download free of charge information from electronic catalogues, databases, Internet resources to removable storage media.

3.5. You may receive free of charge duplicate copies of the materials of the Library collection for 30 calendar days if you have permanent registration in Minsk.

3.6. You may extend the period of usage of the materials after paying for the service.

3.7. You are entitled to scan materials of the Library collection free of charge in accordance with the Act of the Republic of Belarus "On intellectual property rights and neighbouring rights".

3.8. You can use paid services in accordance with “List of additional paid services, provided in Belarus Agricultural Library”.

3.9. You are entitled to use unlimited Internet, Wi-Fi, Web-based technologies for professional activity.

3.10. Your comments and suggestions about library services will always be welcomed and will be considered.



4.1. You must follow the Rules.

4.2. You must leave jackets, coats, headwear, umbrellas, bags, backpacks and other things in the cloakroom. You mustn’t leave things which are necessary to work (laptops, notebooks, textbooks and other things, that are necessary to work) but you must show them before leaving the Library.

4.3. You are responsible for leaving your library ticket at the reception when you visit the Library and getting it when you leave the Library.

4.4. You are responsible for informing about changes of passport data, place of work, phone number and so on.

4.5. You have a responsibility to ensure maintenance of a quiet atmosphere, clean, safe facility; care in the use of Library materials, equipment and furnishings.

4.6. You should behave appropriately and with respect for staff and other users.

4.7. You must inform about damages of the materials.

4.8. If you lose, deface or damage any library material you will be liable to replace it with the same material or the similar material accepted by the Library, if a replacement is impossible you must pay for its replacement.

4.9. You’re responsible for running an anti-virus program on removable storage media before starting to work.

4.10. You must delete personal folders and files after working on the computer.

4.11. You must comply with the requirements of staff, agencies of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, MES and others in emergency situations (fire, accident, threat of a terrorist-related event and so on).



5.1. Give the library ticket to others and use another user’s library tickets.

5.2. Talk on the mobile phone loudly.

5.3. Take materials out of the Library, which are not registered for taking out.

5.4. Damage materials (tear out pages, cut pages, make notes, underline and so on).

5.5. Install any software programs, delete shortcuts, files from the desktop, local drives, change scanner and programs for scanning settings, use computers for none academic activities and so on.

5.6. Drink alcohol, smoke, eat, bring pets into the Library.

5.7. Be in a state of inebriation or flagrant lack of cleanliness, under the influence of psychotropic drugs.



6.1 A user is liable under the laws of the Republic of Belarus.

6.2 Users who violates the rules may be excluded from the Library.



7.1. Making amendments or additions to the Rules in due course.

7.2. Familiarizing users with the Rules and requiring the compliance with the Rules.

7.3. Excluding users from the Library in case of the violation of the Rules.

7.4. Organizing information resources, ensuring their safety and efficient use in accordance with the documents, governing activity of the Library and the laws of the Republic of Belarus in the field of library science.

7.5. Determining the content and specific forms of user services, terms of use of information resources, as well as rules for access to them in accordance with the goals and objectives of the Library and documents, governing activity of the Library.

7.6. Determining types and amounts of compensation for damage, done by a user in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Belarus.

7.7. Keeping video surveillance, using means of protection from unauthorized taking the materials out the Library, locking exits and calling patrols of Ministry of Internal Affairs, informing about taking the materials out or other violations of the Rules.

7.8 Informing users about information resources and technologies, services, working time of the Library.

7.9. Advising users about searching for necessary information and choosing materials.

7.10. Maintaining confidentiality of data and information requests of users.

7.11. Creating enabling environment for work of users, ensuring high degree of service culture.